Boxing clever means no box…

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Our priority is to get our product to you in perfect condition so that it can be installed and start working for the next few decades cutting your energy bills and increasing your comfort level. We also feel a responsibility to continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment. This led us to look at ways of getting StopGap to you.

StopGap is protected by a heavy gauge polythene bag as soon as it is made. Each roll was previously packed singly in a cardboard box and for its trip through the post it joined its companions in a tough outer plastic ‘mailer’. When we looked at how we could reduce packaging we found that the inner bag and outer mailer were essential. More planet-friendly alternatives may replace these bags as they become available but for the time being, plastic is the right choice. Trials have shown that StopGap survives its trip through the post perfectly well when the cardboard box is omitted so we substituted a folded card carrying (short) fitting instructions.

This has meant an 80% reduction in card usage and useful savings in time. These savings are passed on to you, the customer, in lower packing and delivery charges.