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I have already rated your product as excellent, on your review page and I will be buying some more shortly, but before I do, I just wanted to make a couple of suggestions that I hope you may find helpful.

My wife has asthma and is allergic to house dust mites, as well as other airborne particulates. When we moved here, we removed the carpets in the  house and sanded the floors in the hope that it would reduce her problems. Unfortunately as the boards have shrunk over the years gaps have appeared. This allowed dust from the floor cavity to come up through the boards making her problems worse. Your product has significantly reduced the dust and has improved her condition overall. I feel with the hundreds of thousands of individuals who suffer similarly with asthma etc it might be worth using this aspect in some form in your marketing literature.

Using an old credit card as an applicator is okay….. but they are not robust enough. You could easily make something similar and sell it. In addition it would be an easy matter to design something similar to a pastry wheel cutter with a depth equal to the depth of the stopgap product used (when it’s creased) and sell that as an alternative applicator. Clearly many people will come up with their own solutions but there are many that would be happy to buy a ready made product and that can only increase your profits!

I hope you find these suggestions of use. I do not normally comment on products I buy, having little time and better things to do, but I was impressed by your product and my wife is healthier!

Many thanks

J G      Sheringham  Norfolk