My bedroom's too hot…I've got gaps…I live in Thailand…HELP!

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Draughty gaps are a problem in hot countries too; allowing outside and inside air to mix causes the air conditioner to work harder, wasting energy and wasting money. As this email from Robert C illustrates:

Hi There, I am putting air con in my bedroom and have a timber floor with open joints. Rather than cool the world, your product seems the perfect cure. I would require 75metres length ie 2 rolls, however, I live in Krabi Thailand. Is this doable I ask.      Please advise                       Regards Robert C

One response to “My bedroom's too hot…I've got gaps…I live in Thailand…HELP!”

  1. Hi Robert
    I was very pleased to receive your query – the potential for cutting energy use by controlling unwanted movement of air through gaps could be greater in hot countries than in cold ones – USA households spend $11 billion every year to run their air con. So it is definitely a good idea to stop your floor gaps rather than cool the world. And yes,
    by the miracle of airmail, your two rolls of StopGap can be with you in 3-5 days. Simply add them to the cart, go to checkout and select ‘worlwide’ and ‘recalculate’. Your order will be sent same day.
    Thanks again for your enquiry, please let us have some feedback on your project.