How to stop draughty floors and enjoy a more comfortable home – it’s simple with StopGap

STOP THE PRESS! StopGap was chosen once again by The Guardian as one of the best ways to protect your home from the cold.

I created StopGap to fill a gap in the market when I found my newly redecorated Edwardian home was colder and draughtier than before. When I realised it was all down to the cold air coming from the gaps in the floorboards I thought finding an effective filler would be easy, but I was wrong.

After searching locally and online, I found that none of the existing solutions were up to the job. The DIY options were messy and time-consuming, and the commercial products used permanent adhesives or sealants. Inspired, I started developing StopGap until I created a product good enough for my own home.

Benefits of fitting StopGap

  • Quick and easy to fit – some rooms can be done in under an hour
  • Protects you from cold draughts
  • Also prevents dirt, dust, small insects and even unwanted smells
  • Virtually invisible once fitted – your floors will look great
  • Saves you money on heating bills

Don’t be put off restoring an original wood floor by the prospect of cold rooms, high heating bills and constant draughts; with StopGap you can experience the joys of real wood floors with none of the downsides.

StopGap will seal gaps that are 1-8mm wide.

Please note: StopGap is not suitable for tongue and groove boards due to the shape of the gaps in this type of flooring. Have a look at this post to find out which floorboards you have.