Filling Gaps in Floorboards

Filling gaps in floorboards is the first step towards a more energy efficient home. Whilst we all know that cavity wall insulation and double glazing are a must for keeping our homes warm through the cold winter months, sealing the floorboards is often overlooked. Even with carpet and underlay laid, there can still be draughts and heat lost through the gaps in the floor and under the skirting boards.

Sealing your floorboards can be particularly important if you live in a period home with original wood floors that you don’t want to cover. You’ll notice an immediate difference after installing StopGap, with fewer draughts and warmer rooms.

StopGap is much quicker, cheaper and easier to install than other methods of home insulation and you can feel the benefits straight away. Don’t forget- a warmer home means lower heating bills; an installation of StopGap could pay for itself in under a year and then continue to save money year after year.

How can you fill gaps in floorboards?


Alternatives to StopGap

Quick & Easy

Finished in hours not days


Great Finish

Won’t Damage Your Floor

Fit with confidence even for waxed, polished or painted floorboards. Removable


Papier Mache
Sawdust & Glue
Mastic or Silicone
Wood Slivers
Re-lay Boards

Filling the gaps in your floorboards with StopGap is easy for anyone to do, with no mess and no special tools required. Some floorboard sealing products involve permanent adhesives or silicone based sealants, but with its clever design all you need to fit StopGap and fill those pesky gaps once and for all is a pair of scissors and an old credit card. That’s it! No glue, no tools, no fuss.

Other floorboard sealants would struggle to cope with irregular gaps or require you to buy more than one product, but the unique design of StopGap means it handles wonky floorboards with ease. There’s only one choice you have to make when buying StopGap: brown or neutral? By choosing the right colour for your floors you can ensure that once your StopGap is installed you never notice it again.

StopGap is great for any gaps between 1mm and 8mm, not just sealing your floorboards. Gaps under you skirting boards? No problem. Draughty old window frames? Easy. Want to seal up your french doors, but only for the winter? StopGap doesn’t use any adhesives or fixtures, so it can be installed and removed from gaps like this as often as you like.

Please note: StopGap is not suitable for tongue and groove boards due to the shape of the gaps in this type of flooring. Have a look at this post to find out which floorboards you have.