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Welcome to the new website, the result of many hours of unstinting labour by Marc Heatley Design. StopGap will be celebrating its 7th birthday in July and this is the sixth incarnation of the website, although Version 5 never made it to the World Wide Web as events were moving too fast at the time. So, what has changed?

Our customers told us they would prefer pages with less clutter that were easier to read. Some text was small and difficult to read and finding information was slow. Someone said it was just TLTR (too long to read).

In the end we went for a completely new design with a different layout and structure, making it easier to find your way around. For non-mathematicians, we’ve added a tool for calculating the quantity of seal needed to treat a given room size. Silver Surfers seeking a brain workout in the hope of delaying the onset of dementia can still do it the old way if they so choose.

We’ve added that website essential; the blog. We intend that visitors will find this useful rather than perfunctory by trying to include helpful information about energy(ie.money) – saving topics and FFF’s – floor-related fascinating facts. For example, why is the move away from carpets gathering pace? Is it fashion? is it about chemicals? Where does that pungent ‘new carpet smell’ come from? How long does it take for a new carpet to finish outgassing? Read more in due course.

In the coming months we will be adding more photos and a how-to-fit-StopGap video. So, come in and have a look around, leave some feedback for us if you have a minute and come back soon.

I hope the new site meets with your approval and I look forward to your comments. Please email me directly via the contact form.