Sander, sandpaper, tin of varnish, brush, now what else do I need?

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A caller, who had been recommended to us by Ronseal, asked about the connection. Ronseal is the UK’s leading brand of wood treatment whose products do ‘what it says on the tin’. We approached them some years ago to ask if they would be interested in distributing StopGap. Our reasoning was that, early on in their flooring project, people would be looking for a suitable stain or finishing treatment. Putting StopGap on the shelves alongside Ronseal’s products would mean that customers were alerted to the fact that a draught seal would become as much of a necessity as the surface treatment.Statistics from their customer care department showed that telephone requests for a product to solve the draught problem were running at a high level. Despite this, ultimately, Ronseal decided they were a ‘sticky liquid’ company and would not get involved in something that was not a core product. Instead, in the interests of their customers, they would pass on callers directly and provide a link from their website to StopGap. This arrangement has saved many families from the curse of cold feet.