So, what do you think of StopGap?

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Some examples of comments received by post and email from StopGap Customers…

Terrific product – has made our Victorian sitting room feel warmer already, even though it’s only partially done. Am just about to order some more.  Many thanks                      W     London

Thank you for quick service it arrived this morning and I fitted it today. Brilliant! Big thank you.

Could I ask you to send me another roll of your super stuff – I have got the bug! Same card details and same address please.     D R

Thanks for that confirmation. I wonder if you have any literature you can let me have that shows that the stopgap is safe to put in a baby’s bedroom. I have no concerns but my wife is paranoid!!

Thanks P A


Marcus thanks for your reply

How right you were the wife loves the stuff I have just made another order for four more rolls. Thanks P A

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank you so much for your amazing product.

When I sanded and varnished the floorboards in my living room recently, I was all too aware that, come winter, the substantial gaps between the boards would cause a huge problem. No problem, I thought. There’s bound to be plenty of solutions out there. Boy, was I wrong. So after much research and just a couple of time consuming, messy suggestions, I thankfully came across your website just as I was at the end of my tether.

It was great to read about someone who had exactly the same problem. And I admire you for your efforts in coming up with a great solution.

I ordered a roll of Stop G-p a couple of months ago but have only just got round to fitting it. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to fit and how effective it obviously was.

I must admit, I only ordered one roll because I was a little sceptical about it. But I have just ordered another roll to finish the job, after having had a very pleasant and satisfying experience fitting the first roll. I will certainly be recommending your product to anyone I know that intends to restore their floorboards. Once again, thank you so much!                Regards, C G

The product is great and I have this evening put in an order for seven rolls. It is a simple and effective solution for addressing a problem that we deliberated over for some months. Thank you! Regards   P.

Thank you – arrived safely this morning – very prompt. Regards.

Thank you for your superb service.   I have got to congratulate you on the fastest ‘flash to bang time’ I have ever experienced with ordering over the Internet. Ordered yesterday at 1535 hrs and delivered at 0930 hrs this morning! I look forward to using the Draught Control material. Regards M S

Order received today – I was very impressed and pleased! Many thanks. Regards – A M

Just a quick note to thank you for the speedy delivery of STOPG-P which arrived this morning after only been ordered yesterday afternoon. The product is great and I think the difference in the draughts from the floorboards is already noticeable.   I shall certainly be recommending you to our friends and family. Many thanks                Mrs D

Hello STOPGAP team, I have one complaint….. that I didn’t design this easy to use solution myself 🙂

I have ordered two rolls today and hope to have a warmer house by the beginning of next week. Many thanks,              K

Please could you send us a free sample ASAP – lovely floor but we just took the carpet to the dump today….. . Frostbite setting in.

J T Salisbury

Yes of course you can add it to the customer comments.

Hopefully, we will be able to feel our toes again before christmas! J

Hi – Thanks for the e-mail, I’ve actually received it this morning, and already installed it.  I’m impressed, as you will know the weather is bitterly cold and it seems to have made a difference already.  My son-in-law will be ordering from you very soon, as he has the same problem, and I will certainly recommend it to others.  Thanks for the prompt service. Regards   J L

Thanks, I’m looking forward to receiving my STOPGAP so that I can get the kettle on. Kind regards, J H

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Look forward to doing some snip-slip-sip on the weekend!     Cheers, B

Hello again from Chatham. Just to let you know that I stop-gapped yesterday – even under the rugs, as they are rather thin. Not surprisingly to you, it does work marvellously! If you are following the discussions at national level about the government’s energy policy, you will probably agree that looking only at the supply side is not enough – considering how many households are wasting money and energy through insufficient thermal insulation of private homes. I am taking a roll to Germany with me in April, as my sister has similar problems in her home. Cheers, B

Thanks very much. I hope to be draught proof by tomorrow night!!

Thanks – order arrived today, and having laid 1/2 a roll already am delighted to say it works…..       H H

The package has arrived and I’ve already fitted one roll.  Sensible fitting instructions which work.  Await the reduction in heating bills !      Many thanks – E M

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you so much for sending the roll so quickly.  I ordered it because we were getting cigarette smoke fumes from our neighbours through our floorboards.  I installed your clever invention and it has put a total stop to any nasty smells. Thank you very much,      M


we have tongue and groove boards but many had been cut up through the tongue to lift and install cables etc-result- many freezing gaps. i put stop gap down these and the difference is amazing- only wish i had done it at the start of the winter ordering 2 more rolls. thanks P H

ps let me know of any tongue and groove developments but i am not sure they will be needed now!


Many thanks for prompt dispatch—parcel delivered on Mon. morning. Hope to start filling the gaps this weekend. Yours Aye     A S


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how fabulously easy your product is. I thought I would have to replace all of my (beautiful) floors to remedy the drafts, but have been fitting the strips in batches, and am really pleased with the results. So glad I picked up the weekend paper and noticed the article on the product. Likelihood will be that I will need to order some more, and will come back to you as soon as I know how much more will be required. Best regards       R K

Thank you Marcus,

I have bought StopG-P from you in the past. I installed it first in my living room November last year, it became clear after just a few days and after only completing half of the room that I had a gas leak from my new never used fire, which had been installed in April.

So, thanks to StopG-P I was made aware of a leak that I had had for approximately 8 months…. just goes to show how much ventilation there had been before.

Anyway, it is a great product and I have recommended it to my friends and family, I can’t wait to get the whole house finished.

Many thanks, K

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for sending us those rolls of stop gap.. I’ve finally had a chance to lay down one room and its made a real difference… Thanks for helping us turn our Victorian house back into somewhere its nice to come home to…Mind you not sure the local pub likes it as much as we don’t have to nip in there on an evening to keep warm! Cheers      D

Stop Gap is now fitted and we are very impressed. Best wishes        D

Dear Marcus,

I was dubious to say the least about your claims for Stopg-p but gave it a try anyway – it is brilliant.  My only problem is that my boards are uneven and every now and then the strips pop up but thanks to you I have been able to sit in my front room this winter.  Now I have bought three more rolls to do the hall and some windows, a bit late in the season really but when the wind is in the direction the blinds and curtains gently flap in the breeze! I am so glad that I found your website.

With kind regards,   C R

Many thanks for your excellent service and a terrific product. Thank You           A B

Just a note to confirm what you already know – we could not believe how easy to fit and effective this product proved to be!!!   All the best solutions are simple – this is simple, easy to fit and effective. We will pass on the recommendation to all our neighbours who have polished victorian pine floors. Congratulations. P,     York


Dear Stopgap staff,

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic we found stopgap!. We own a lovely Victorian terrace in London but the downstairs rooms were freezing due to the gale-force winds blowing through the gaps in the floors. We had tried various remedies but nothing worked until we found out about you in the Guardian. We had resigned ourselves to putting carpets down, which we didn’t want. We’ve turned the central heating down by five degrees and don’t have to wear socks all the time now! We have recommended you to loads of people. Thanks for making our home a warmer place!                  N







2 responses to “So, what do you think of StopGap?”

  1. Would you please send me on a sample of your stopgap product. I read all the above wonderful reviews. I have an original wooden floor in the living room which is tongue and grove (I think). This product will hopefully keep the room much warmer during the winter.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Colette
    Thanks for your enquiry. StopGap works by the springy sides of the ‘V’ shape expanding to grip the sides of the gap after being pushed down into contact with the supporting joists below. To disappear from view there must be10 millimetres or more of depth. This is not possible if the boards have tongues and grooves (T&G). You can check this by inserting a credit card into one of the gaps to see how far it will go down. A distance less than 10mm (1/4inch) indicates that you have a T&G floor and it will not be possible to use StopGap. You would still be able to use it to seal the gaps between floor and skirting board. These gaps can add up to a substantial total, resulting in energy wastage and discomfort. For this purpose, choose ‘neutral’ StopGap.
    Free samples were phased out some time ago as our no-quibble money-back guarantee made them redundant.
    I hope this helps. If you want more information you can email or call us on +44 29 2021 3736.
    Thank you for your interest in StopGap.