…down on hands and knees to show other people…

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Received the following email today: “Received StopGap draught seal no problems.  Royal Mail are OK use them a lot. Damn……… it works! I fitted it with as little problem as you claimed and it certainly stopped the draught through a major gap in the floorboards of the hallway and IT IS just about invisible. Had to get down on hands and knees to show other people – they couldnt see it. Been watching for lifting or movement but non at all.  Now lifting out very visible bits of paper, wood, crumbled bits of old underlay, etc.  Cancelled proposed major golf-waisting time lifting of floorboards to install underboard insulation. Will go to your website to re-order.  Unfortunately already carpeted the Sitting Room’s georgeous floorboards under threat of the missus refusing to spend another winter in the house unless something was done; beautiful floorboards or not.  Reckon I like my wife better than the floorboards. Huh, who’d have thought
D J Peterborough