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It’s nice when people take the trouble to let us know…

Hi there,

I used StopGap for the first time on my draughty hallway floor last weekend. Easy to apply and instant results. Great product. Just ordered another two to get the living room sealed off too.

 Thanks,   Joe H   London

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  1. HiLove the site and your down to earth (funny) comments. Need advice re early 70’s estate house.

    Have ripped up disgusting inherited bedroom carpet and majority of floorboards are OK but some have irregular gaps of almost half centimetre. I get the idea that StopGap goes down and prevents draughts but I actually want to paint the bedroom floor off-white. Surely the paint will just run down between the boards, or does your product sort of fill the gap as opposed to sealing lower down for draughts?

  2. Hi Arihant
    Thanks for your comments. Have you checked if you have tongue & groove floorboards? These have a horizontal protruding strip about 6mm or so below the surface which is designed to link each board to its neighbour and prevent draughts (!). StopGap won’t work with this type of board.
    StopGap is a seal rather than a filler but it’s OK to paint the floor. Best advice is to complete the painting of the floor and wait a few days for the paint to fully harden before fitting the seal. StopGap is fine to use with most paints. Certain solvents may be incompatible with the polypropylene seal when the finish is wet but there will be no problem when the solvent has evaporated.