Are you a DIY – phobe?…

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In this hot-off-the-press message, Martin proudly admits that he is a DIY – phobe, are you?…

Subject: StopGap Review.

Message Body:
I found StopGap was very straightforward to use (even for a complete ‘DIY-phobe’ such as myself).
The instructions supplied were clear, concise and helpful. The overall result was excellent.
I used the product between the floor boards and also in the gap between the skirting board and the floor.
The ordering service, delivery and general communication were all faultless.
I would thoroughly recommend StopGap.
Many thanks

Martin H

Happily, StopGap is designed for people like Martin. An absence of DIY skills is no barrier to warming up your home and slashing those fierce energy bills. So, get cracking with a roll of the magic seal over Easter and remember: money invested in saving energy will be repaid many times over.