Ask StopGap – How easy is it to fit StopGap and stop draughty floorboards forever?

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We occasionally get asked questions about how easy StopGap is to fit. The answer is that compared with any of the other methods of sealing floorboard gaps, StopGap is by far and away the quickest and simplest option. Amazingly, it is possible to fit an average 3.5m x 3.5m room with StopGap in under an hour. That is something that would be completely unachievable using sawdust and glue, papier mâché, or any of the other methods out there, especially as most of them will need time spent cleaning up afterwards. Have a look at this table comparing the different ways to stop draughty floorboards and decide for yourself!

Absolutely anyone can fit StopGap, there are no special skills or equipment involved, the only tools needed are a pair of scissors and an old credit card. The only preparation necessary is to loosen any dirt or dust which may be present in the gaps with the credit card, then vacuum. There is no need to empty the room of furniture either, just move it away from the area you are working in, and push it back when you move on. Once the pack has been delivered (handily designed to fit through your letterbox) and you’re ready to fit it, cut the corner off the pack and it becomes a nifty dispenser. You can check out this page for full fitting instructions, including a video.

There are no adhesives or solvents used in the fitting of StopGap either, it is designed to be fitted dry. This means there are none of the potential health implications that can be associated with these substances. It also means that any rugs or carpets can be replaced immediately and the room is draught-free, cosy and ready for use. We hope you’ll be so impressed at how easy it is to stop draughty floorboards, you’ll be telling everyone about StopGap!