7 places you should check your home for draughts today

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Our friends at Energy Saving Trust have plenty of helpful advice on how you can create a more energy efficient home. All homes need ventilation including yours, but the problem with draughts is that they are uncontrolled. Draught-proofing is a great way you can make a big difference without spending a lot.

Here are seven places you should check for draughts:

  1. Floorboards
  2. Windows
  3. Doors – including keyholes and letterboxes
  4. Loft hatches
  5. Electrical fittings on walls and ceilings
  6. Pipework leading outside
  7. Ceiling to wall joints

You can use StopGap to easily and quickly seal gaps between floorboards and under skirting boards. I recently used StopGap to stop a sneaky draught creeping in under a uPVC windowsill. You can also use it to seal around little-used windows, doors and loft hatches. Because it’s removable you can fit it for the colder months then remove it when the weather warms up and store it safely for next winter. Have a look at our super simple fitting instructions to find out just how easy it is.

When StopGap won’t do

For keyholes, you can buy small flaps to cover the gaps, and brush-type draught excluders work well for letterboxes. These are easily available at hardware shops and online. Decorator’s caulk is handy for small gaps such as around electrical fittings and you can use flexible fillers such as mastic to seal around pipes. You might need expanding foam to fill larger gaps.

Be safe

Just be careful not to block any intentional ventilation such as working extractor fans, air bricks, wall vents or trickle vents (present above modern windows). These will be keeping the air in your home fresh and dry.

Do it now!

Take a quick trip around your home today and take steps to fill any gaps that are draughty. You will soon notice that your home is much more comfortable. You are able to lower your thermostat and your heating bills will start to come down. In fact, according to Energy Saving Trust, just draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you £25-£50 per year!

If you decide to choose StopGap to seal your gaps, order before 3pm and we will post your order by first class, the same day. We also offer a full money back guarantee, if you’re not be completely happy.