Do you want to stop weeds growing under your decking? We need your help!

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We know StopGap works brilliantly at stopping draughts in floorboards inside the home but lately we’ve been wondering, could it work just as well in the garden to stop weeds growing under decking? StopGap seals gaps between floorboards without the use of chemicals; if it works as well in the garden, it could mean weed-free decking all year round without the use of nasty pesticides. So far, so good, but how do we find out whether StopGap is up to the job?

The StopGap Decking Experiment

This is where you come in – we are looking for five inquisitive householders to help us with The StopGap Decking Experiment. The idea of the experiment is to fit StopGap to a section of your decking, leaving the rest without any weed suppression at all. We would like you to leave it that way for three months to see what happens. All we need from you is a promise to fit the StopGap by the start date, leave the rest of the decking alone, and send us fortnightly photos and feedback. If you fancy sending us more, such as videos of it being fitted, that would be brilliant.

At the end of the experiment, if it has been a success, we will send you enough StopGap to finish the decking, as a thank-you for helping us out. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, the experiment will end by early summer and you will be free to get rid of those pesky weeds however you like.

We need helpful people like you

Fancy getting involved? All you need to do is head over to the StopGap Facebook page, ‘like’ us and leave a comment on The StopGap Decking Experiment post, giving the size of your decking and the number of boards you have (please check the size of your gaps too – StopGap will seal gaps 1-8mm wide). We will then let you know if you have been selected and if you have, get the StopGap to you in plenty of time to fit it. You will need to have a read through our human-friendly terms and conditions below too.

We have no idea if or how well StopGap is going to work for this purpose but we’re very excited to find out, and look forward to having you on board.

Terms and Conditions

We will:

  • Send you you one 40m roll of StopGap, to arrive at least seven days before the start of the experiment
  • Answer your queries and questions by email or Facebook during the experiment
  • If experiment is deemed a success, send you enough StopGap to complete your deck

You must:

  • Reside in the UK
  • Fit the StopGap to the specified area of decking before the start date
  • Not use any other form of weed suppression before or during the experiment
  • Send us a fortnightly photo of the whole deck plus feedback on how it’s going
  • Allow us to use your photos, videos and feedback on our website and Facebook page